Monday, March 24, 2014

this week...

I cannot believe that temperatures are in the low 30s again.  It's just...cruel.

Spring has to come soon, right?  ...right?

In the meantime, here's my wish list for this supposed early spring week:

Inspired by Bath and Body Works new french lavender & honey fragrance, I must locate and acquire every lavender & honey scented item that has ever been created.  I'll start with this lavender & honey soap, from etsy shop owner RadientFettle, thank you very much.

I also am really looking forward to taking a few minutes to read the current issue of Table Magazine.  I really enjoyed the Farm to Table Pittsburgh conference this past weekend, where I picked up this free issue of the magazine.  Lots of fresh ideas and truly inspiring people!  It's so great to hear what types of awesome things are going on in Pittsburgh.  Follow Table Magazine and Farm to Table Pittsburgh on twitter!

One of my best friends recently introduced me to the absolutely insanely wonderful Gold Canyon Candles.  I'm serious...I'm an admitted candle snob, and these blew me away.  I'm super excited to pick out a few candles from Kendra's online shop.


  1. I get Table Magazine in the mail. Love it !

  2. I thought I remembered seeing it at home!