Friday, May 13, 2011

my story

Hi! Over the next few weeks, I'm hoping to turn this into something pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, I'm kind of on a time frame here to get my act together, because I'll soon be having a spinal fusion and will be down for the count for a bit.

Why the hell would I start a blog before major surgery, you ask?

Here's the scoop: I had my first surgery for scoliosis when I was seven. My doctor fused (or joined together) three of my vertebrae to stop the curvature in my spine from progressing. I spent quite a few months in a body cast, but all in all, the surgery was a success, at least for many years.

I never felt that I was pain free, but it was tolerable, and I lived normally. Around age 23, I noticed a huge shift in my pain level. I've spent the last year coping with this chronic back pain, and for anyone who has experienced any type of chronic pain, you know it isn't fun.

I grew frustrated that I was so young and so limited by how I was feeling, but I always seemed to rely on my doctors to find answers for me. In the past few months, I realized that while I can't fix my back pain right now, there are a ton of ways that I can control my life. Feeding my body in nutritious, yummy ways is what initially motivated me to begin this blog, and spending time in the kitchen has become some kind of therapy for me. I hope to share that with any readers I gain along the way.

I want this blog to be a happy place, complete with ways to grow, live life to the fullest, and provide ideas that will keep you inspired, fulfilled, and content.

xo, Lindsay

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